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Description : “The Softball Drill Book” includes 185 drills to help players and teams practice individual techniques and team tactics. Divided into four categories – training, fundamental skills, position-specific and tactical, each chapter contains drills submitted by a coach at one of the USA’s top NCAA Division I programmes. Each drill explains in detail the purpose, setup, execution, variations and coaching points that will help readers execute the drill properly. Diagrams and illustrations accompany the drills to help clarify instruction. Drills that emphasise warm-up and conditioning, catching and throwing, hitting, and baserunning are complemented with those specifically designed for infielders, outfielders, pitchers and catchers. “The Softball Drill Book” gives readers the chance to practice like the best of the best with this special collection of drills proven to hone individual and team skills. Softball coaches at all levels will benefit from the quality information provided in this new book.

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