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Description : The boys are back with all of their heart break and shenanigans!

Kevin and Lane…Where to start….
We meet both of them through our mutual friends Alvin and Teddy from books 1 & 2.

Kevin is a family and adoption attorney in his small Massachusetts town. Content with his life as a loner, he does his bit to help families have a better life because he, himself, didn’t have a great one. Awkward and painfully shy; he doesn’t know what to do with himself when he catches the eye of firefighter and all around great guy, Lane Bennett…..

Lane Bennett works with Alvin at their community’s fire station. Being around all his loved up friends and their partners; he’s still a little bitter about the betrayal of catching his ex-fiancé in bed with another man. That is… until he sets his sights on the shy, timid, quiet attorney that helped his good friend Teddy.

Just when their relationship gets off the ground; Lane’s troubled sister comes to visit with some baggage that anyone would be hesitant to take on; let alone someone in a new relationship. Will Kevin and Lane stick together and give each other the type of love they both crave or will it be too much to handle, too early on for either of them?

This story contains graphic language and sexual situations between two men. (You’re welcome) I’m also feel strongly against cliffhangers and I’m a sucker for a good HEA. Enjoy!

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