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Description : DEFTONES Deftones (2003 UK 11-track enhanced CD album including the singles Minerva and Hexagram plus the CD-Rom Section featuring behind the scenes & live footage gear gallery and weblink housed in the original custom-stickered jewel casewith picture sleeve inlay)Even though the cover of Deftones is adorned with a skull and roses, and includes tracks called “Battle-Axe” and “Deathblow”, it’s far from the seriously tedious listening experience such an image may lead you to expect.

Sacramento’s Deftones have long been in the business of confounding expectations and this, the follow-up to their Grammy-winning White Pony, is far, far from the trashy metal suggested by its cover. Brilliantly produced by Terry Date and ingeniously filled out by DJ and keyboardist Frank Delgado, Deftones is impossible to categorise. It’s loud, that’s for sure–gargantuan bass-heavy riffs run throughout. But they’re not always simple rock or hardcore riffs. Indeed they often recall The Pixies at their most savage and wild. Each track features some experiment in pace, rhythm or distortion–nothing is static.

For every rumbling assault such as “Hexagram” or “When Girls Telephone Boys”, there’s a calming counter-balance such as the dubby, druggy “Lucky You” or “Anniversary of an Uninteresting Event” carried high on sweeping oceanic cymbals. Singer Chino Moreno wrings drama and meaning from his purposefully arcane lyrics and, with a gratifying lack of ego, allows his voice to be raised by and sometimes lost in the tempest of sound. It all adds to an intensity that will see the Deftones chart high and still retain their underground credibility. –Dominic Wills

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